Women in Motion: The Self Hug

Women in Motion: The Self Hug

By The Find Bali

Women in Motion: The Self Hug

As Mental Health Awareness month comes to a close with the turning of the month of June, we spoke with the duo behind Mental Wellness brand "The Self Hug" to reflect upon mental health and well-being. 


As we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, we’d love to know, what does this month mean to you and how can we achieve it?

Mental Health Awareness Month has been an opportunity for us to foster a greater understanding of mental health and encourage people to prioritize their mental well-being. We are very happy to be able to share the benefit of journaling by collaborating with communities to host wellness-related workshops and social media content collaborations. We are very grateful that through The Self Hug product and community, many have been comfortable to have conversations on mental health and supporting one another.



Why do you think it’s important to embrace your emotions and well-being?

Embracing our emotions is the foundation of well-being because it allows us to understand ourselves and our needs better. In our guided journals we have an Emotion Wheel that helps people to identify and accept their emotions so they can develop healthier coping mechanisms and navigate life’s challenges more effectively.

For us, wellness is a state of being that is always evolving. It’s important for us to encourage people to prioritize their well-being because we want to empower them to find balance in their lives – by managing their emotions, daily stresses and building resilience. Our well-being is dependent on us finding the right balance between different areas of our lives. Ultimately, embracing emotions and well-being can lead to a healthier and more fulfilling life. 


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As The Self Hug's mission is to bring a new era of wellness, what mentally stimulating activities do you perform that have been the most impactful to your community?

As a wellness brand, we are committed to highlighting four pillars of wellness; mental wellness, physical wellness, relationship wellness, and career wellness. These are not the only areas of life that affect our overall well-being and happiness, but for us, these four areas are at their core. 

Our community activities vary from self-expression to physical fitness to cater to the 4 pillars of wellness, but the most impactful one is when we combine yoga and meditation with journaling and end with a discussion to reflect on their experiences.



What has been the most self-awakening discovery through hosting wellness events?

We love hosting our events because it not only awakens the participants but us as well. Every event’s concept, theme, and wellness practice, we always start with the question, ‘How can we make this event meaningful for people?’. We want the community to leave our events happier, more inspired, better connected, and more wholesome than when they arrived.



As inspiring females whose goals are to lead a healthier life, what advice would you give to those struggling with self-love?

As self-love looks different for everyone, our first advice would be, to do whatever works for you. For some people, it can be having a better self-care routine, spending more time with yourself, nourishing your body more, or it can also be putting yourself out there and making new connections (when you really don’t feel like it).

It’s normal to be critical of yourself and to sometimes only see your flaws, but it's important to notice your qualities, appreciate what makes you unique and embrace those things about yourself. 


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What are some simple steps we can do to build each other up?

We can always start with simple things to lift each other up. For example, having genuine conversations is a starter. Being curious about someone else’s perspective and actively listening. Showing empathy can also really foster better understanding and acceptance. While celebrating each other’s achievements and finding ways to combine your strengths is a great way to create something more meaningful for the community. 

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