Women in Motion: Anouk Marie Ange

Women in Motion: Anouk Marie Ange

By The Find Bali

Women in Motion: Anouk Marie Ange

As we reflect upon International Women's Day earlier this March, we were overwhelmed with a sense of pride as we look back onto all the women who has participated in our Women in Motion series. In this Women in Motion, we had the honor of spending the day with Anouk Marie Ange to learn more about Kundalani meditation practices in tangent with 'The Oracle of Light', a set of guided meditation and oracle deck. 


Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

Hi! I'm Anouk, a mother of two teenage girls in Bali. I have plans to marry my fiancé next month and we are expecting a baby boy in July! On top of that, I am a meditation teacher as well as an oracle card reader. I have recently merged my love of divination and meditation by creating 'The Oracle of Light,' a two-in-one Kundalini meditation and oracle deck. So, a lot of wonderful things are coming to life this year. 


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What inspired you to pursue Kundalini meditation specifically?

I remember feeling burned out from my work during the pandemic, lacking direction and purpose. It was during this time that I found my way to a Kundalini class. I felt so moved by the language, depth, and wisdom of my teacher, by the beauty of meditation, and the joy of finally feeling present in my body - especially after being so used to being in my mind. What I have learned is, you can't process emotions by thinking about them. They live in the body - and every moment you are present, is a way through.


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We found that The Oracle Of Light does wonders for self-discovery. What are some tips to start a meditation practice?

The acronym for The Oracle Of Light is ‘TOOL’, and it is exactly that- a powerful TOOL for change. The Oracle of Light is the map, but you need to take the steps to travel there. I recommend baby steps, just a few minutes of meditation can really shift your energy. 

Remember, when trying something new, it is natural to meet yourself with excuses, diversions, and limitations. So don't be too hard on yourself. Each time you feel resistance towards a concept, lean into it and view it from a place of self–inquiry. It is a chance for you to explore your biases, dismantle your self–made constructs, and approach new situations with childlike curiosity. 


Emotions and energy seem to play a big role in the practice of Kundalini meditation and divination. What would your advice be to women who face challenges in self-reflection?

It is a scary thing to self-reflect, because it can mean really looking at yourself, in all your imperfections, with wholehearted acceptance.  Loving yourself is a radical movement, and it’s reserved for the very brave. It’s when we stop trying to contort ourselves into impossible shapes that we break free from the mold. When we release the ties that hold us to unrealistic standards. Self love is a constant daily practice. There is so much freedom and spaciousness that comes from this.

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Can you share with us some of the challenges you've experienced throughout your Kundalini awakening and how it personally changed your outlook on life?

From my experience, awakenings often arise from intense life shifts. It is a time to release anything that no longer serves you, creating space for a new and more radiant version of yourself to emerge.

Awakenings can be challenging. They bring you to your truth. The interesting thing about this time is that it holds the most potent creative energy. You start again, as a seed in the dark, you don’t even realize that you’re growing - and soon enough, you learn that you don’t even need the right conditions to bloom, your blooming is inevitable.  


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As we celebrate Women’s Day, how do you think we can empower women to be more confident as they embark on the journey towards their dreams through a spiritual Awakening?

Once you live in your truth - you speak it, you embody it - then incredible things start to happen. You start to discover a solar system of values, passions and aspirations you never knew existed. You begin drawing endless opportunities into your orbit, and you finally have the courage to live the life of your dreams.

The Oracle of Light is a powerful tool for transformation, lighting the path to ancient Kundalini practices. It contains 56 sacred meditations, mantras, mudras, and other sacred teachings.

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