Women in Motion: Pris of WeLikeBali

Women in Motion: Pris of WeLikeBali

By The Find Bali

Women in Motion: Pris of WeLikeBali

Covering Bali's most coveted places for locals and travelers alike, Welikebali provides a personalized travel guide experience led by two dynamic owners. With a growing audience of 127,000 followers (and counting!), we wanted to ask golden girl, Pris to share her journey in creating one of the most successful online travel guides on the internet together with her partner Eve.


We've been following Welikebali for ages and love your page! could you tell us the fondest memory you experienced in Bali?

It has been a 14-year journey since we jumped on the plane to Bali together in 2009 and started Welikebali. So we’ve been pretty lucky with amazing memories over the years. Honestly, we can’t pick just one!

Our trips within Bali are always incredible highlights but also exploring more of Indonesia, such as visiting the incredible Nihi Sumba all together in 2017, spending time on the Moluccan Islands where Eve’s family is from, landing with a waterplane at Bawah and surfing the best waves of our lives in Mentawaii Islands. 


We can’t get enough of your travel insights. What is it about traveling that entices you the most?

Traveling really fuels our souls. We love to explore new places, especially sunny destinations and tropical islands and soak up local culture and learn new things. We aren’t really the typical travelers or travel bloggers that will state that we know all the best this and that – we love to keep it personal and curate our favorites within our travels. And always encourage others to do the same and not blindly follow never-ending lists or ticking of a bucket list with Instagrammable spots. For us it is really about the feeling of a place, the people and being open to get inspired by all of it. 

What is your personal philosophy of life and why?

“Live a life you don’t need a vacation from!” 

It has a double meaning for us; first it means we love how we created our business around traveling and vacations, it still feels like a dream sometimes to do what we do! And second, to do what you love, so even when you work or study you will feel energized – whether it’s the people around you, the work itself or whatever in it makes you happy.

Also, you can have that vacation mindset even in your hometown, explore new places, go on fun little weekend escapes, be outside, have coffees with friends. And make your home a little oasis of vacation memories, style it with all the cool Bali accessories that you can shop at the Find! 

As a dynamic woman who enjoys exploring new places, what advice would you give to others chasing their dreams?

Deeply believe in your dreams! So express what you want (write it down and or pray for it), even if you’re not sure what it should be just take small steps towards all the things you love - hold that vision and trust that it will manifest. It will help to see the opportunities coming your way and go for it! When it’s time to paddle into that wave, paddle!

Don't compare yourself and try to stay free of judgement. Be confident and true to who you are! We know that’s quite difficult nowadays in this era of social media but your path is yours to walk. You are unique and there is always space in this time for your ideas.


How do you think women can become more fearless?

For us, the answer to fear is to let go and trust God; a deep trust that all is right and that life always works for you- never against you!


Lastly, if The Find was a woman, how would you describe its personality?

She is a soul full of sunshine! She brings good vibes wherever she goes. She is a go-getter and puts her dreams into action

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