The Art of Flowers with Dada Island

The Art of Flowers with Dada Island

By The Find Bali

The Art of Flowers with Dada Island

We visited newly opened flower studio DADA ISLAND in Berawa, Canggu to get to know the process behind their flower art: 


What is your creative process when creating or designing an arrangement?

I begin by choosing the palette then the materials. I always want one unique element in my arrangements to make it special. Finding the right one and playing with it is part of the process



How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is very “dada”. Named after the DADA art movement. I believe that there should be no limits and standards to flower art. That’s why I love to explore and use different objects as my vessels; fruits, stones, candle holders, even a hat.


Has being in the fashion industry inspired your passion in floral design?

Of course! I always think that there are many things in common between fashion and floral design. It is a process of seeking balance/imbalance with different colors and materials. In the end, they all turn into an expression. You are what you wear, flowers speak for you.



We love that you have a sustainable approach when it comes to floral design. Can you tell us a littlee more about this?

I always avoid using flower foam for my designs. I find that by exploring alternatives for flower foam, you end up creating a more interesting design. I find that chicken wire is my favourite alternative; cut a little bit of bamboo, add some chicken wire and it can turn into a perfect vessel.


Where do you find your inspiration?

I always look to nature for floral design inspiration. Growing up on a farm, I had the privilege of experiencing nature in all its wondrous glory. My floral design is the reflection of nature in my eyes.


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Photographed by @sophiacharles

Interviewed by @angelitablanco