A Chat with Lindy Klim

A Chat with Lindy Klim

By The Find Bali

A Chat with Lindy Klim

 We sat down with mom, model, and entrepreneur Lindy Klim in her beautiful home in Bali, Indonesia. Sitting by the pool on her outdoor dining table, Lindy is comfortable and cool in our Kokei sarong wrapped as a dress. The Find asked her all about her wellness, fashion and her most recent venture Fig Femme.


What’s your wellness secret?

Something that I find myself very good at is balance; I don’t overeat or overexercise. I tend to always do things in moderation.


How do you age so gracefully?

I’m still very young at heart. I feel like it’s important to have this authentic mindset; to be me everywhere and every time. It’s just so boring to be as old as you’re supposed to be. I try not to be so closed off to the world too. The world is constantly evolving and if you don’t keep up you can easily be left behind.



Tell us about Fig Femme. What inspired you to start it?

It’s all about connecting to that part of your body. A lot of people tend to disconnect to it especially if you have children or going through menopause. A lot of women also don’t know how to take care of ‘that’ part of your body. That’s why I decided to come up with Fig Femme. I wanted to open the conversation to this taboo topic. And with our beautiful packaging, it encourages people to buy it. Why not have your intimate care products on display alongside your eye creams or lipsticks?



We love your style! How would you define your style?

I’d say that I’m quite masculine in what I wear. I’m very into that whole blazer + jeans + tank top kind of thing. I consider it my formula and I’ve sort of just stuck with it.

I tend to not buy too much and I’m very particular in what I buy. I love versatile pieces that are timeless and can be re-worn in different way. Which is why I love this Kokei sarong for example, because it’s just so versatile.



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Photographed by @sophiacharles

Styled by @ongga_pratama

Interviewed by @angelitablanco