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Reversible sleeveless top is made from 100% cotton gauze and dyed with a natural dye called Tegeran. It features a bright yellow color and is designed with buttons. 


Size Chart (in cm) : Bust : S 88 | M 95 | L 100 Length : S 40 | M 43 | L 46

Care Instructions:

Store items in a wardrobe away from direct sunlight and at normal, dry room temperature. Please put Silica Gel if the wardrobe or room is damp.

Wash Instructions:

When dirty, wash it with Lerak or Baby Shampoo and rub gently. Avoid using detergents. Optionally, apply some softener or fragrance, then gently squeeze and dry in the shade, away from direct sunlight. If you're willing to incur additional costs, consider dry-cleaning at a trustworthy laundry.