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A summery blend to freshen the space, relax the mind and channel creative thoughts.

Hand-thrown on a potter’s wheel, our sui generis limestone pots are carefully poured with beeswax for an everlasting fragrant candle that doubles as a natural air purifier.

Beeswax produces negative ions that attach to positive ions when burned, such as floating dust, odor, toxins, and naturally cleanse the air.

Our Moroccan Rose candle exudes fresh, feminine elegance, rich with stress-relieving properties that provides a sweet retreat for busy minds.

Once finished, our candle pots can house bijou items or delicately elevate any living space.


About Kevala Ceramics

Kevala brings the phenomenal talent of local artisans into the spotlight. Equipped with 25 years of experience and a love for bespoke designs, Kevala champions collaborations with discerning clientele. They build collections to last a lifetime with extremely durable and sustainable pieces here on the island of the Gods. We are proud to offer handmade incense holders from these fine local artisans — each one uniquely crafted for you.


Hand poured in Bali, Indonesia