At Home With Dom Hammond

At Home With Dom Hammond

By The Find Bali

At Home With Dom Hammond

Vegan chef Dom Hammond has her plate constantly full, running her Canggu cafe 'Good Mantra' and cooking up cool projects with her mixologist partner, Anya, who shares her love for all-things botanical. Today, she dishes her plant-powered tips and tales behind her cosmic creations


Tell us what comes to your mind when creating a recipe.

When I’m in my research and development stage, which is one of my favourite parts of the job, I truly feel like a mad scientist. I love pushing the limit with my ingredients, whether it's with new or ancient techniques. Variety is key, and we're lucky our island home has diverse edible plants that all have magical and medicinal properties for our bodies to thrive off.

On the best way to enjoy your food…

We have this traditional Zimbabwean dish called ‘Dobi’, which is basically spinach and tomato cooked in peanut butter that we eat with Sadza, with your hands. 
In our culture, they say that whatever you eat with your hands will be more tasty than when eating with a knife and fork! I associate being in the kitchen with growing up and my childhood, my mum was, has, and will always be my favourite chef!


On the one plant she can’t live without…

Chilli! I have chilli plants all around the garden. I always have peanuts, too. Haha. I love to add something crunchy to most things.


On the indigenous ingredient deserving a place on our plates (and hearts)…

Banana Flower— What an incredible ingredient. Since moving to Bali, I’ve discovered ways to turn the flower into what resembles a ‘fish fillet’ with a texture that truly looks like fish. I love how you can use every part of the banana plant. I use the banana peel, banana fruit, the stem of the tree and the banana flower. It’s the most amazing plant.



Her favorite lazy day recipe

Charred broccoli with chilli, garlic and a squeeze of lemon!


On Bali’s plant-focused landscape…

We’re so lucky that Bali is truly one of the most vegetable-forward places on Earth.
I feel there’s always someone doing something epic with plants. I’m grateful that I’ve been lucky to meet some of the most talented chefs in Bali who all have such different skill sets and ingredient knowledge.
Bali is definitely on the map for being the best plant based food place in my eyes.


On kick-starting a plant-based diet at home…

If you’ve got a favourite meat dish, try to replace that animal protein with a vegetable and follow your existing recipe minus the animal products. 
Try new fruits and vegetables, read recipe books, listen to some podcasts and explore. I’m more than happy to help and give advice to anyone who ever wants to chat about going plant based — hit me up :)


Tune in next week for Dom's gorgeous homemade granola recipe and Anya's morning chai latte pairing. 

Or read Anya's story, her partner in crime here.


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Photographed by Jade Nina Sarkhel @jadesarkhel

Words by Sachi Kondo @sachi_kondo

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